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It’s not the conversation we’re having that keeps us talking, rather it’s the place it takes us to. Which is why losing my hat again feels like losing a sense of reality. How easy I seem to mislay items of clothing. I return to the café and you have my beret hanging from a lampshade. You have red hair, a quiff and ask me if I was cold. I tell you I don’t know, but then touch my icy ears, self-conscious. I breathe the air of things done differently, of how it might be to live without a covered head.


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We’re not sure this counts because I actually need to speak to strangers in meetings, but it’s my encounter for the day so I will tell about it. You wear a beret and say it’s because you are playing a part. You agree with most things, then afterwards you disagree. You have more opinions that I imagine you keep to yourself. Maybe we’re all too young to know better. I wait for your response to each point, I want to be in your team. We live the noble life, making changes, feeling the sheer power of routine and choosing hats.

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