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You are both informal and formal, or one of you is one and the other the other. Mercifully, you acknowledge the humour in this. I’m dressed for this interview, articulate and enthusiastic. Formal or informal tells me I look like her sister-in-law. You are mothers and have young children. It’s snowing and I’m talking about audience engagement, but who will be coming to the gallery when the weather is like this? One of you has inky eyes and the look of a person anxious for the end of something, the process of asking people the same list of questions probably.


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I ask you about the closing time of the gallery  and because I call it this rather than museum, collection, or exhibition, I hesitate before finishing my sentence. You don’t know quite what I’m asking. You look up from your book, not with your head but with your eyelids. My big sister is small beside me and even though I talk to you, I’m really mocking her or me. Too much art gives her a headache, so we find our own entertainment: how I misjudge corners, her ugly twin fascination and taking identical steps up and down the spiral staircase.

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